The Incident of the Mysterious Priest and Other Stories

(A collection of paranormal experiences based on the author’s personal experiences and research)

“During my career as a journalist, writer and paranormal enthusiast and researcher, I have witnessed enough supernatural experiences. Some of these were personal, whilst others were cases passed onto me by other people, too many cases for me to safely say I could debunk. Because a journalist cannot afford to be gullible and because I was a sceptic myself for many years, I now feel there is enough proof and more than the eye can see in the tens of thousands of supernatural experiences by so many people, from all walks of life. Indeed, it would be foolish to classify all these as cases of insanity or some form of mental illness. To this effect, many researchers, scientists, parapsychologists and paranormal investigators, as well as genuine psychics, have dedicated many years of study in this field.”  

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Growing with the Shadows

(A collection of poetry in straightforward, everyday language – people’s poetry at its best that will make poetry haters love poetry)

“The poet seems determined to send direct messages in a well-crafted language, revealing his journalistic background in making every single word count. Ray’s poems embark readers on a voyage in time and space at roller-coaster speed. He is blessed with his special gift of this compelling bulldozer style poetry, on a variety of true experiences and events, from his photographic memory that allows readers to peek into his past and tremble. It seems as if each reader will find himself reflected in these provocative, enticing lines, and is taken on a cleansing, redemption ride to their origins, fears or hopes. His love poems are filled with throat-cutting and exquisite phrases so like his style – phrases prudish readers might consider too brash, perhaps even scandalous.”

(Associate Professor at Holguín University, Cuba, Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias, M.Sc., Member of the Mexican Association of Language and Literature Professors, and Vice-president of the William Shakespeare Studies Centre.)


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