New Literary Online Magazine coming soon

Literature for the People is an online bi-annual literary magazine that will include writings in every field, from poetry, articles, short stories on any subject, literary essays, book reviews, research on any subject especially therapeutic journaling and poetry therapy and parapsychology, the paranormal and the supernatural.

All works will be considered as long as they are excellent, interesting and can hook our readers to look forward to a next issue.

The size of the magazine will be A4 and consist of about 100 pages. We will not be able to pay writers for their contributions, but those who are experienced and have been submitting work to other publications by now know that very few magazines pay their contributors.

Unfortunately few people are actually reading magazines or books, except the rubbish publishing "celebrities news", pictures of them half or almost nude and "VIPS" who earn millions for being a waste of space - not all but most of them. So when people don't read, sales are unlikely to hit the roof, unless people change their trend, come to their senses and realize that some of the magazines they read are full of gossip and rubbish and not worth the paper they are printed on.

The people with high level of I.Q. and who want to learn and read about the real things, true stories and events and people who lived hard lives but died satisfied that their sacrifice counted for something and left a legacy are very few and becoming even fewer.

Hopefully recent events and a world-wide pandemic will bring people back to their senses, realize that no one is invulnerable, no matter how many millions he has stocked up in his bank account and that in the end God is the one who decided our fate, not money.   


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