Raymond Fenech Gonzi

Raymond Fenech Gonzi

Raymond Fenech Gonzi

Writer, Poet and Editor

Twice nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize by two different publishers in New York and Los Angeles respectively, between June and November 2017, Raymond Fenech Gonzi PhD creative writing was appointed Associate Editor of Adelaide Literary Magazine and Adelaide Book Publishers, listed as one of the top 100 literary magazines and book publishers in March 2018. 

Born in the fishing village of St. Julian, Malta, the author embarked on his writing career at 17, freelancing for two major Maltese political newspapers, The Democrat and Il-Mument and consequently became a full-time journalist with the leading English newspapers, The Times and Sunday Times of Malta.

Even though in the 60s and 70s journalism and writing in Malta were not even considered a profession, and there were no academic courses in any field of writing, the young aspiring writer pursued with unfailing determination what seemed to everyone else as an 'impossible dream' destined to remain that way.

In 1986, Raymond left journalism and embarked on a different adventure where he sought a position in which he could use his creative writing skills more freely. For the following 26 years, he worked in advertising as a PR, copywriter, manager and consultant for four different advertising agencies. 

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