For School Children and Students at all Levels

Are your kids having writing problems at school? Do they have difficulties communicating or expressing themselves in writing? Are their grades in English low and their teachers constantly pressing you to do something to improve their writing quality? If you answer yes to all these questions then, inevitably you need my help.

NO, learning how to write effectively, or even creatively is not a waste of time or a waste of money. If you consider for a moment that your children’s lives and their future successes will depend almost entirely on their capability to write, you will take action immediately. With the ever-increasing need to use computers and with practically everything going through social media a writing effectively has become a MUST. Don’t forget – Writing = Communication.

Most parents today spend hundreds, if not thousands of Euros on private tuition to support their children’s various talents in dancing, music, sports, art and design, cooking, computer studies, to mention but a few. But all this will count for nothing if your children do not have the capability of writing to communicate and express themselves. No matter how intelligent or clever, no matter what your children will choose as a profession, writing will always be the basic and most fundamental ingredient that will make them or break them.

Whatever they choose to become, the final gist of it all will depend on that one important first attempt at writing, whether this is a composition, an essay, a thesis and later on will come into further need no matter what job or designation they might have at their workplace. Today’s world clearly depends on good communication and writing skills and that one cover letter for a job application, that one single email in an attempt to entice a company to choose the one you are working for in using its services can make all the difference.

How many times have I heard university students lamenting that they failed their examinations because their final project was not up to standard. Many disappointed parents will insist that their children had studied hard and spent sleepless nights working on their thesis – yet the result was not as good as expected. Few will ever know that the reason for this was simply because the author of the thesis did not have the basic technical knowledge in writing his dissertation and failed to transmit, or express his points in a creative, orderly and interesting way.

It’s all about writing and usually people who can write very well can also speak very well, which is why parents should consider undertaking this writing course for their children.

If you think your child has a writing talent, and aspires to become a poet, a novelist, a copywriter or journalist, then there is obviously more reason to consider entrusting his writing education in the professional hands of a seasoned writer who has earned his living in this field for the last 47 years.

Trust me there is no better teacher than a seasoned writer to teach your children how to write well and effectively.

Are you going to sit their mulling over these incontrovertible FACTS, or are you going to pick up that phone and call me to support your child?

I do not conduct over crowded creative writing classes – but one-on-one tuition. The reason I chose this method is simple – every student and every child have special requirements, weakness or strengths and therefore I actually design custom-made courses for every student depending on his particular requirements. There are no fixed dates or times because I am available basically round the clock and can always make special arrangements for any request to accommodate parents.

My fees are Euros 25.00 for an hour and a half tuition. There are also short courses available. However, because more people are realizing that writing is an ongoing requirement that grows with you and needs constant guidance and support, I have designed courses, which will support my students during their scholastic year and go further for as long as they require guidance.



Courses Available

A Comprehensive Writing Course for Children

An Introduction to Writing with a Concentration on Grammar for Teen Writers

A Poetry Writing Course for Children

A Poetry Writing Course for Adults

How to Write Funny Poems (For Children)

Writing as a Self-Therapy using journals, diaries and poetry

Letter Writing


Courses are delivered in both Maltese and English

I’ve been asked this question many times: Do you teach writing in Maltese? Metaphorically speaking, I can teach writing in any language because the basic principles, the techniques are all the same in this field with any language. The text books are in English and so are all exercises. All have to keep in mind that school compositions, essays, thesis are written in English as are most of the text books. The majority of students have problems mainly with their English writing, so I guess the majority wins. If you want your children to lean Maltese, you have to engage a teacher for that purpose. I teach creative writing and writing in general and this is intended to improve your kids’ fluency in both writing and speaking English, but also if they want to do well in all their examinations which involve communicating in English.  

Although courses are in English, participants may communicate both in Maltese or English during classes. There is no set rule. The aim of these courses is to teach students how to write professionally, whether they are budding poets, journalists, fiction writers, or simply wish to write articles, essays, or even a school compositions scoring high marks.

Writing professionally is no longer an option but a requisite when one considers that today’s state of the art technology has transformed this world into a writers’ world. Most of today’s best jobs and opportunities will depend on that particular letter, or e-mail, which one will inevitably have to write at some point in time to apply for a job.

Many examiners have been known to fail students in their examinations because their essays for their O or A-levels, even more so their thesis were not up to the standards required. At job level, marketing propositions failed to attract the business of prospective clients simply because the letter of introduction was not powerful, attractive or enticing enough to leave its mark on the reader. 


Dr Raymond Fenech conducts writing courses in several disciplines of writing for both adults and children. He also designs specialized courses, which are custom-made for particular needs. These courses are conducted on a one-on-one basis.

Course Fees

Adults/Teenagers              = Euros 25.00 per lesson

Children 8 - 13 years old   = Euros 20.00 per lesson


In case of long-term tuition, special fees may be negotiated with the prospective students.

NB: Lessons are by appointment with the tutor. For further information please phone 99498927 or write to e.mail:


Application for Adults

Application for Children (see current web site for details required)



Being a Poet can be very painful but Fun

So, you have the makings of a poet and you are brimming with ideas and inspiration to write poetry - if this is the case, then read on to find out how to make your dream come true and see your poetry in print.

Experimenting with words can be fun and offers a rare opportunity to poetry lovers to discover the power and sensitivity of language. This creative writing course will not only experiment with words but also with the imagination. It will provoke and explore these two realms, offering participants the opportunity of travelling through both real life experiences by conjuring words of their own choice. There will be no teachers, only participants who together will move from one creative adventure into another.

When I started out as an aspiring poet/writer/journalist, 30 years ago, I had no idea where to begin. I had all the necessary ingredients, but lacked the expertise guidance. Way back in the early 70s upt to this very day my country offered no openings whatsoever in either writing or journalism. In fact, these two writing genres were not even considered a profession. There were only three major local newspapers employing maybe a dozen reporters between them, so job opportunities were something an aspiring writer like myself could only dream about.

Today I am still made it to earning my living through my writing. Those days proved to be the most difficult because apart from the rare opportunities finding a job as a reporter, there were no academic courses in any of the known writing fields. I know it would have been much easier had I found an experienced and published writer to help me along, giving me a few useful tips rather than having to learn the trade by trial and error. Because it took me quite a few years of making mistakes and learning at my own expense, I wasted a lot of valuable time, time that can never be retrieved.

Your case could be different and the poetry-writing course available could make all the difference. Imagine what you can do if you have the talent and the guidance of a professional writer to teach you a few tricks of the trade!

I have designed courses in poetry writing purposely for aspiring poets. There are no age limits: the only requisition needed is the will, the dedication and determination to write. A six-week course could change your life and put you on the road to success and finally seeing you work finally in print. This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

And please feel free to check on the other courses available below


Poems Written by some of my Students during their Poetry Writing Courses


Roses are red blood

They will die in a storm or flood;

Carnations are as pink as a pig

But the moles kill them as they dig;


Passionflowers are purple and yellow

They reflect rich colours of marshmallow

Violets are very dark blue,

On Valentine, I gave some to Sue.



Snow is white

not very bright

it breaks into flakes

transparently white

on its way down

becomes whiter than cotton

never goes rotten

feels very soft

can see it through the loft.


Basketball Player

There was once a boy called Jim, he was so tin and tall

That he could reach the very end of the wall.


The basketball team wished he would join in

But he was timid and afraid he wouldn’t win.


The coach kept saying: “Of course you’ll win,

You’ll see for yourself if you join in.


But timid Jim just smiled and went on his way

Thinking hard on what he was supposed to say.


Once the ball got stuck on the rim

And the basketball team would have left the gym,


But Jim walked in at that very moment in time

And realised his height was a blessing not a crime;


He walked towards the ringed net

And caught the ball in a minute flat.



If I Were an Ice-Cream

If I were an ice-cream

I’d wish to go on table three

Where a child would enjoy eating me.

I would have coffee, mint and chocolate for flavours

And wait on a decorated cup;

At last, I would say:

“Come and eat me or I’ll melt away.”


Copyright Andrea Luca Bartolo (9 years old)


The Colours of my Paint Box

BLACK is a black board spattered with white

black peat in black pots,

heavy black clouds ready to shower,

a beetle carefully crossing the path;


BROWN is the trunk of a tree,

soil all around the path

brown leaves falling in autumn,

chocolate ice-cream that I love to eat;


GREEN is a rainbow colour

green grass bowing over the ground,

green apples ready for cutting,

ripe hanging on the branch;


BLUE is the sky on bright summer days,

a deep blue pool with fresh water,

blue is my t-shirt hanging out to dry

on a stiff blue line;


RED is for strawberries, rich and mellow,

oh, so sweet ready to eat,

red is for blood-red roses

with prickly stalks;


ORANGE is for oranges

mature and juicy,

orange is for rust from a water pump

dried leaves on a branch;


WHITE is the surroundings of the pool

the creamy blossoms

of fragrant flowers,

or lilies with snowy petals.


Copyright Kenneth Fonk (10 years old)



My Friend

When I had a friend

My eyes were blind to see,

Whether she was fatter or shorter,

Slimmer or taller than me;


Then an argument broke out

Which turned into a fight,

But none of us would accept

That one of us was right;


So she wasn’t my friend anymore,

And my eyes were open to see

Whether she was fatter or shorter,

Slimmer or taller than me.


Copyright Marie Claire Fonk (12 years old)






Other information

PhD creative Writing, UK

M.Univ., UK

B.A. Creative Writing & Parapsychology), UK

L.E.A. Cert. Jour. UK

Dip. CW (Institute of Copywriting), UK

SAC Dip. (Poetry Writing), UK

Dip. English Literature & English Language, Alison College, Ireland

Dip. Paranormal Studies & Parapsychology, Flamel College USA

Cert. Parapsychology, Edinburgh University, Scotland

Cert. Writing Therapy, (Creative "Righting" Center, Touro College, Hofstra University), New York, USA

Dip. Therapeutic Journaling UK College of Holistic Studies

M.Inst. CW UK

F.I.B.A. Cambridge, UK


About the Tutor - how it all started 

Twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize by two different publishers in New York and Los Angeles respectively, between June and November 2017, Dr Raymond Fenech Gonzi was appointed Associate Editor of Adelaide Literary Magazine and Adelaide Book Publishers, listed as one of the top 100 literary magazines and book publishers in March 2018. The publishers have offices in both Lisbon, Portugal and on 5th Avenue, New York, USA. Their monthly literary magazine is published in both English and Portuguese and they publish between 20 and 30 books a year.

Born in St. Julian’s Malta, Dr Fenech Gonzi embarked on his writing career at 17, freelancing for two major Maltese political newspapers, The Democrat and Il-Mument and consequently became a full time journalist with the leading English newspapers, The Times and Sunday Times of Malta.

Despite the fact that in the 60s and 70s journalism and writing in Malta were not considered as a profession, and there were no academic courses in any field of writing, the aspiring author pursued with unfailing determination what seemed to everyone else an impossible dream destined to remain that way.

In 1986, Raymond left journalism and embarked on a totally different adventure where he was seeking a position in which he could use his creative writing skills more freely. For the following 26 years, he worked in advertising as a PR, copywriter, consultant and editor for four different advertising agencies.

In 2004, his career as an editor with two nation-wide distributed magazines, The Globe Trotter and Living 2000 was brought to an abrupt end after being diagnosed with HD Lymphoma. Forced to resign from his editorial positions, he realized that he still had goals he wanted to accomplish even if his future seemed so bleak. Instead of wasting his time indulging himself in self-pity, he enrolled for a bachelor’s degree course in creative writing with an online UK based university and later read for his PhD.

In the author’s own words: After fighting cancer for a full year, I doubt the word fear continues to exist in my dictionary. There is nothing to fear in this life and no human-made obstacle is really a problem to overcome. My whole perspective of life has changed now that I have seen death at close range. What is important to understand is that one must not take anything for granted, least of all health – live each day to the full and as if it were your last. Determination is the most powerful weapon each human being has at his disposition. We are here to fight against all odds and every inch of the way, all the way. Hemingway used to go by what he called a double dictum: Men can be defeated but not destroyed – man can be destroyed but not defeated.

During the same period, he also discovered poetry therapy and was awarded an open scholarship in this subject by the Creative ‘Righting Center, Touro College, Hofstra University in the USA.

Dr Fenech Gonzi had initially made contact to request further details about the subject which until then, he knew nothing about. The person who answered his call for information was none other than Professor Sherry Reiter, Director of the Creative ‘Righting’ Center and former president of the National Association for Poetry Therapy as well as president of the National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy. Not only Professor Reiter offered the author a scholarship, but she decided she would mentor him personally. He completed the poetry therapy writing course in 2012. Recently, he also completed a diploma course in Journal Therapy with the UK College of Holistic Training.

Raymond commenced his writing career as a journalist, but he never stopped writing poetry, short stories, articles and literary essays. Nor did he stop trying to market his work abroad at a time when in those early days, submitting work to so many countries turned up to be ‘a very expensive hobby’ and an arduous task, as every submission sent to an editor meant using snail mail. The submission procedures also included adding international reply coupons (return postage for replies by the editors) and self-addressed envelopes. The time span for replies then meant long waits, sometimes extending between three months up to even a year. His first attempts brought many a disappointing reply and many rejections slips, but he never lost hope and kept submitting until the replies started turning into acceptance letters.

Last year, Holguin University, one of the only two recognized and distinguished universities in Cuba asked the author’s permission to use a selection of his poems to form part of the master’s creative writing programme. The study programme is conducted by Associate Professor Miguel Ángel Olive Iglesias M.Sc. at the same university.

His two recently published books by Adelaide Book Publishers were launched at the International Book Fair, Expo America in New York 2018. The books consisted of a collection of short stories, articles and memoirs, The Incident of the Mysterious Priest and Other Stories and a collection of his new book of poems, Growing with the Shadows. 

Dr Fenech Gonzi’s works have been published individually in numerous magazines, newsletters, journals, newspapers anthologies in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Malta, Argentina, the USA, India, Australia, Portugal, France, Sicily, Canada and Cuba.

In the Author’s Own Words about Poetry

I like to write poetry in a language everyone can understand, without mincing words, or losing my way in the obscure, or the abstract. Poetry from its very origins was intended to entertain the masses, even the illiterate. It is another form of communication and therefore each word has to be simple enough for the majority reader to understand. Like Hemingway, I think ‘the most important equipment for a writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector’, which can identify nebulous sentences. Readers usually want to associate themselves with the poet’s feelings, but to do so, they first have to understand his writing.

Publications in Magazines, Journals, Anthologies, Newspapers and Newsletters

Poems, essays, short stories, memoirs and articles featured in various publications including: The Envoy, the official newsletter of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance (CCLA) and The Ambassador, the official literary magazine of the CCLA;

Barefoot Grass Journal, The Poet’s Pen Quarterly Journal of the Society Of American Poets, Scars Publications, White Ash Literary Magazine, The Aurorean, A Poetic Quarterly, The Candlelight Poetry Journal, Poetry Plus Magazine, Anthology Web Zine, Introspection Online, The Quail Bell Magazine, Poetry Heaven Online Magazine, Verses Magazine, Nomad’s Choir Poetry Journal, Alternative Press Magazine, Poetalk, Poeticdiversity the Litzine of Los Angeles, The Raintown Review, A-pos`tro-phe Poetry Journal, Boston Poetry Magazine, Thought Magazine, Writers Gazette, Renaissance Magazine, The Poet’s Pen by The Society of American Poets and the Adelaide Literary Magazine, (USA and Portugal);

The newsletter of the Professional Writers’ Special Interest British Group MENSA, Other Poetry, Vigil, Eclipse Poetry Bi-Monthly, Poetry Now Magazine, Snakeskin Poetry Web Zine, Writers Viewpoint, The Affectionate Punch, Poetic Licence by Poets Anonymous, The Sharkti Vanguard – International Journal of the New Renaissance Movement IV, Dandelion Arts Magazine, Third Half Magazine (K.T. Publications), ImageNation, Salopeot, the Quarterly Magazine of the Salopian Poetry Society, Rustic Rub Magazine, Solar Voice, The Old Police Station (T.O.P.S.), Gabriel Magazine, A Bard Hair Day by Creative Partners Publishers, Crystal Magazine, Linkway Magazine, Carillon,  The People’s Poetry XIV, Vigil, The Solar Courier, Peace & Freedom, Poetic Licence and the Community Of Poets’ Journal, (England);

Poetry Expressions Online Magazine, Online Poetry Canada, Poetry Canada by the Federation of Canadian Poets, Ygdrasil Online Magazine, Poets Review Online, Teak Roundup, Latchkey Publications Website, Canadian Writer’s Journal, Poetalk Poetry Journal of Bay Area Poets Coalition, Poemata, the main poetry journal of the Canadian Poetry Association, Outreach Connection Weekly Newspaper and Amber, (Canada);

Flaming Arrows, Indigo and Electric Acorn (Dublin Writers Workshop), Ireland; and Juju Magazine, Northern Ireland; Breakfast All Day Magazine, France; La Carta De Oliver – Bi-lingual Poetry Review, Argentina; Agenzia Di Stampa Settinanale Nord Sud Press Agency II, Sicily; Phenomenal Literature Literary Magazine, India; Micropress Yates, Australia; Quantum Leap and Haunted Scotland, (Scotland);

The People Newspaper, The Democrat, Il-Mument, The Times, Sunday Times, Femme Magazine, Tune In Magazine, The Globe Trotter Travel Magazine, Island Life Visitor’s Guide, and Living 2000, (Malta);

Many of Dr Fenech Gonzi’s short stories, memoirs, food recipes and articles have also been published in anthologies in Canada, the USA and the UK.


Published Books by the Author

  • Within the Edges of Immortality (Poetry Collection), Promarketing Publications Ltd., Malta 1992
  • Broken Innocence (Poetry Collection), Forward Press Publishers, UK 2000
  • Poignant Voices 1st Books Online Publishers, USA (2000).
  • Blood Lines (Poetry Collection), SandCrab Books, Cuba & Canada 2011
  • The Incident of the Mysterious Priest & Other Stories, Adelaide Publishers, New York and Lisbon, Portugal
  • Growing With the Shadows (Poetry Collection), Adelaide Publishers, New York and Lisbon, Portugal.

Prizes, Awards and Nominations

Awarded 2nd Prize for The Old Fisherman, Poetry Network Newsletter 1993 Poetry Competition by Poetry Network Quarterly Newsletter, UK 1993

High Commendation Award for Poiesis, the Fence Pamphlet Poetry Competition by Tears in the Fence Literary Magazine, UK 1995 

Runners up Prize Award for his poem, The Spiral Wind by The Capricorn International Authors’ Guild, UK 1996

Awarded Publication in Spotlight Poets, a collection of poems by 12 specially gifted poets by Spotlight Poets, Forward Press, UK 1997

Third Prize Editor’s Choice Award for his poem, The Legend of the Dogwood by Triumph House Publishers, UK 1997

Runners-Up Award – poetry section for his poem, The Straw Hat by The Capricorn International Authors’ Guild, UK 1999

Commendation Award – Short Stories Section for, The Ghost of the Severed Hands by View Point Manuscript Publishers, UK 2002

10th Runner Up Prize for poem, A Requiem to St. Julian’s  – Open Window III Poetry Contest by Hidden Brook Press Publishers, Canada, 2002

High commendation Award – Articles Section for his article, The Blood of Grapes Matched with Food by View Point Manuscript Publishers, UK 2002

Honourable Mention Award in Writing Contest Seeds 6 Poetry, for poem, Blind Vision organised by Hidden Brook Press, Canada, Honourable Mention Awards Contest Seeds 6 Poetry, for poem, Blind Vision organised by Hidden Brook Press, Canada, 2003

Awarded 1st prize for short story, The Mysterious Priest by Adelaide Literary Magazine Annual Literary Contest, New York, USA and Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

US Pushcart Prize Nomination by Adelaide Literary Publishers of New York, USA and Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

US Pushcart Prize Nomination November 2017 nomination for his poem, The Electric Storm by Litzine, PoetciDiversity of Los Angeles, USA

Awarded Publishing Contract for collection of short stories: The Incident of the Mysterious Priest and Other Stories by Adelaide Books, New York, USA and Lisbon, Portugal, June 2017

Awarded Publishing Contract for collection of poems: Growing with the Shadows by Adelaide Books, New York and Lisbon, August 2017

Awarded 2nd Prize, in Adelaide Voices Literary Competition and publication of his winning essay, Poetry as a Communicable Medium in Adelaide Voices Anthology 2018 Volume Two by Adelaide Books, New York and Lisbon in February 2018


Special Appointments

Editor, The Leo’s Roar, Leo Club (Malta) sponsored by Lions International, USA (1980 - 1985)

Public Relations Executive, Leo Club (Malta) sponsored by Lions International, USA (1980 - 1988)

Public Relations Executive, The Lions Club (Malta) sponsored by Lions International, USA 1986-87

Chairman, Leo Club (Malta) sponsored by Lions International, USA, (1986 - 87)

President, Leo Club (Malta) sponsored by Lions International, USA, 1987-88

Leo Award of Honour for 10 years voluntary service awarded by Lions International, USA, (1986)

Appointed Editor - Living 2000 Magazine distributed by The Sunday Times of Malta (1999 -1999)

Appointed EditorThe Globe Trotter Magazine published by Regency Advertising Ltd and distributed by The Sunday Times of Malta (1999-2001)

Appointed Editor of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance Members’ Annual Anthology 2018 (2017)

Appointed Ambassador for Malta of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance (2017)


Author’s listing in Encyclopaedia’s

Listed in the International Who’s Who in Poetry and Poets Encyclopaedia, UK, editions (1994 – 2018)

Listed Who’s Who Poetry Kit Online, Ireland since 1997

Listed in Dictionary of Maltese Biographies published by PIN, Malta (2005)

Listed in the Encyclopaedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English edited by Eugene Benson, University Professor Emeritus of English, L.W. Conolly Vol 1,2,3,. This book includes more than 1,600 entries written by more than 600 internationally recognized scholars, and explores the effect of the colonial and post-colonial experience on literatures in English worldwide. In this encyclopaedia reference is made to the author’s first two poetry books, Within the Edges of Immortality (1994) and Poignant Voices (2000).

Listed on the Canadian Federation of Poets at:

Current Works in Progress

The author is currently working on three books: his own memoirs, Forgotten Fairy Tales, The Benefits of Creative Writing (Using Creative Writing as a Therapy) and the memoirs of Malta’s leading veterinary surgeon.

Custom Made Courses by the Author for all Ages

Dr Fenech also designs custom-made courses in various writing disciplines for both adults and children. These include creative writing courses in poetry, fiction, article and short story writing, journalism, copywriting and PR.



Contact The Author


217, Aurora

Old Railway Road

Balzan  Malta

Phone: (00356) 2144 1150

Fax: (00356) 2144 1160

Mobile: (00356) 9949 8927


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