Ray and PoochRay Fenech was born in the small fishing village of St. Julian’s, Malta and embarked on his writing career when he was still in his early teens. He freelanced for two major political papers, Il-Mument, In-Nazzjon and The Democrat and between 1980-85 worked as a journalist with Malta’s leading newspapers, The Times and Sunday Times.

Since then, he has always worked in the media field handling huge advertising accounts and carrying out public relations work and copywriting assignments for several leading companies. Between 1999 and 2001, he edited two-nation-wide distributed magazines, Living 2000 and The Globe Trotter.  

Ray has published poems, essays, short stories and articles in Malta, Sicily, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba and Argentina.  

Ray writes poetry in a language everyone can understand, without mincing words or losing his way in philosophical and poetic techniques, too academic for the majority reader. He believes what Hemingway believed that the most important equipment for a writer is “a built-in, shock-proof shit detector”. 

The author’s interest in paranormal studies increased in the last seven years. During this period he has produced some short stories on haunted places and Satanism based on true facts. To further assist the author in his investigations, he has successfully completed a course in paranormal studies, ufology and parapsychology with Flamel College and obtained his license as a professional investigator. He is currently writing a thesis to obtain a diploma in paranormal studies from the same college.  

One of his tutors and the person who has supported the author from the start is renown, Master Alchemist and author Dennis William Hauck. Mr. Hauck is also the biographer of Star Trek film star, William Shatner and has acted as consultant on paranormal phenomenon to several film producers. Mr. Hauck is also the author and compiler of The International Directory of the Most Haunted Places.  

Thanks to an invitation by Mr. Hauck, some of Ray’s research on Maltese ghosts has also appeared in this international work of reference, which is published by Penguin Books in the USA.  

The author conducts his own business in printing, editing and copywriting.  

In the author’s own words: “After fighting cancer for a full year, I doubt the word fear continues to exist in my dictionary. There is nothing to fear in this life and no human-made obstacle is really a problem to overcome. My whole perspective of life has changed now that I have seen death at close range. What is important to understand is that one must not take anything for granted, least of all health – live each day to the full and as if it were your last. Determination is the most powerful weapon each human being has at his disposition. We are here to fight against all odds and every inch of the way, all the way. Hemingway used to go by what he called a double dictum: Men can be defeated but not destroyed – man can be destroyed but not defeated”.